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Style Hard, the home of Fashion Collector and ex-Stylist Meytal Algranti, with content surrounding the fashion industry, luxury buying and a reaction series dedicated to breaking down the latest trends online and on the runway.

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URBAN REVIVO Pink Crop Blazer and Skirt
URBAN REVIVO Tweed Multicolored Cardigan and Skirt (Cardigan Size: 4 & Skirt Size: 2)
Sold outURBAN REVIVO Blue Tweed Cropped Blazer and Skirt
Sold outURBAN REVIVO Black Parachute Dress
URBAN REVIVO White Tweed Blazer
Sold outURBAN REVIVO Black/White trim Cardigan
Sold outURBAN REVIVO Green Tweed Blazer
OLIA Black Faux Leather Tube Top
Sold outURBAN REVIVO Black Ruffled Long Skirt
Sold outURBAN REVIVO White Long Cotton Bow Neck Blouse
OLIA Black Crop Halter Vest
BEYONDYOGA Lavender Cotton sweater
ZARA White Cotton Cropped Wrap Top
URBAN REVIVO Black Sleeveless Bow Top
Sold outGOELIA Black Skirt and Cardigan Sweater
Sold outGoelia Wool Cape and Shorts
HOUSE OF LONDON Nude Turtleneck Bodysuit
Sold outHARRICANA Sports White Rabbit Fur Hat
ZARA Black & White Checkered Shorts w/ Accent Gold Buttons
Sold outURBAN REVIVO White Tweed Blazer
Sold outURBAN REVIVO Pink Tweed Cropped Blazer
Sold outURBAN REVIVO Black/White Cropped Long Sleeve Blazer w/accent gold buttons
Sold outURBAN REVIVO Black Tweed Blazer
Sold outACOA Black Velvet Bodysuit
Sold outACOA Black Mesh Rushed Sleeveless Bodysuit
Sold outSHOP17 Black Sheer/Velvet Bodysuit
Sold outURBAN REVIVO Pink Cropped Short Sleeve Cardigan w/Accent Pearl Buttons
Sold outURBAN REVIVO White/Black Cardigan w/Accent Pearl Button